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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ice cream

Hi, I'm Jamahl, here's a  little bit about me...

" 'I am a New media artist from Croydon on the outskirt of London, however i currently reside in Winchester where i'm studying. I work mostly within video and photography..."

I've created this blog to go alongside my studies at university, my posts will mainly be showcasing my photography and video pieces, but also I will be posting other projects I'm involved with such as music from my group "Technicolore" and other bits and bobs that I feel are of interest and within my themes. 

I'm currently working on some videos surrounding the idea of television that I will be putting up really soon and other short pieces that I started this summer, until then here is some imagery from my last projects to give you an idea of the aesthetic in my work, I won't go into them as I don't like being to concerned with old work but in a simplified version they were all based on the idea of an intention to connect to old imagery of oneself.  New Videos coming soon and maybe even a sculpture!

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