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Monday, 22 November 2010

Video Reel

Unfortunately my video "Fuckery" is taking quite a while to properly finish editing,  I'm also working a few more similar videos so I haven't got round to exporting them yet. So I thought instead I would  make a video reel using some footage from "Fuckery" and a bunch of my old videos, anyway hope you enjoy, the song I have chosen  to use is "Letter to my son - bloc party (Gold Panda remix)"  
                                       Jamahl lindsay Video Reel 2010 <--- (LINK TO THE VIDEO)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


To start the new academic year, the first bit of work I have created is a video piece entitled "Fuckery"; Fuckery is fairly transgressive video piece derived from trash Television makeover programs such "Snog, Marry, avoid"  and "10 years younger". 

The video depicts two arrogant celebrity presenters (performed by myself and Emma Dixon) whose concerns over "Natural Beauty" resort in all the members of unscripted cast being  completely dominated and ridiculed.

The video should be up next week or later, but until then here is a Gif animation sneak preview, right click on image below and select open in new tab to activate Gif!

Massive thank you to everyone who took part! 

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ice cream

Hi, I'm Jamahl, here's a  little bit about me...

" 'I am a New media artist from Croydon on the outskirt of London, however i currently reside in Winchester where i'm studying. I work mostly within video and photography..."

I've created this blog to go alongside my studies at university, my posts will mainly be showcasing my photography and video pieces, but also I will be posting other projects I'm involved with such as music from my group "Technicolore" and other bits and bobs that I feel are of interest and within my themes. 

I'm currently working on some videos surrounding the idea of television that I will be putting up really soon and other short pieces that I started this summer, until then here is some imagery from my last projects to give you an idea of the aesthetic in my work, I won't go into them as I don't like being to concerned with old work but in a simplified version they were all based on the idea of an intention to connect to old imagery of oneself.  New Videos coming soon and maybe even a sculpture!